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Michael Brown michael at
Mon Dec 9 00:07:57 UTC 2013

On 13-12-08 03:24 AM, Warren Bailey wrote:
> Noticed this tonight.. Not saying the WP is always on target, but what software could be installed via a browser on any computer to gather all of that data? And how would it be done without the OS speaking up about it? Far fetched.. Or do the Firefox / chrome guys have some 'splainin to do?
Let's remember that the information in the article was filtered through 
no less than two people who don't fully speak tech. I think I can 
translate it back:

«The FBI crafted a custom piece of malware targeting Mo, designed to 
snoop his activities . A link was emailed to Mo in a spear phishing 
attack in an attempt to get hin to download and install the malware from 
the FBI's monitored servers.

The attempt failed; the software was downloaded but never executed in a 
manner enabling the software to send back information to the FBI.»

Nothing too special. I wonder if Mo had the balls to submit the software 
to Sophos etc. for malware analysis. :)


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