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Fri Dec 6 22:34:07 UTC 2013

On 12/6/13, 1:14 PM, ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net wrote:
> why bother getting rcom to grovel through the records they should have
> kept (it happens to reseller model registrars, occasionally i'm asked
> if i can help a core registrant find their member (reseller)), just do
> a transfer request to another registrar (i'm not volunteering) and get
> the registrar-of-record changed.
> now you know the (gaining) r-of-r, and the (gaining) reseller (if any),
> and you're free to do whatever else you want.

Unfortunately, that won't work, because:


... means that the domain name is locked against transfers, and someone
will first need to login at the existing reseller to unlock it (and
probably to get the transfer authorization code, too).

To the original poster: Why won't Register.com give you the reseller
name? Is it because you're not one of the people listed in their account
records? If so, I can't fully blame them; my company (also a registrar,
although we don't have resellers) also gives out as little information
as possible to "strangers" to discourage social engineering hijacking
attempts. Many companies will confirm information but not volunteer it,
leading to boring conversations along the lines of "Well, I can't tell
you, but can you think of the name of anyone at your company that might
have registered the domain name? No... no... no...".

Have the person listed in the Register.com records call them and you may
get further.

> the hammer to use if rcom hangs due to enoresellerrecord is icann complaince,
> which in time is effective.

Sadly, ICANN compliance will not do a thing for any individual domain
name incident. Their mechanism for such things is to pass complaints on
to the registrar, even when the registrar IS the problem, as if they're
the Better Business Bureau. I've never seen them intervene in an
individual domain name case.

I once spent a great deal of my time trying to get ICANN compliance to
do something in a few egregious cases before realizing that they
explicitly do not see that as their role. I'd initially assumed their
unhelpfulness was gross incompetence, but it turned out to be a sort of
reverse Hanlon's razor.

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