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On 12/4/13 5:20 PM, Jay Ashworth wrote:
> I believe you will find that any carrier says "Nationwide means where we
> have coverage, and unlimited means 'if you're on our towers'."


When I was at Alltel we discovered one client that was using his 3g card on a
roaming partners network 24/7.  As we could not bill based on this we only
discovered it via a roaming settlement audit.  I think at the time we were
paying .35 cents per kb or something like that (might have been MOU based).
Basically this customer was costing us $10-$20k per month and we had no way to
track it back to them.

I believe they fired the customers using the clause that nationwide is
included, but you your home majority use location must be on our network.  the
lawyers had nicer way of saying it :)

Wireless data interconnect (GRX/CRX) is like the most arcane and backwards
peering there is.  every single bit of use must be tracked and metered back to
the user, and it makes the whole thing more expensive than it needs to be.
It's like going to your users and demanding different payments based on the
amount of data they receive from different ASN's.

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