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Thu Dec 5 23:05:51 UTC 2013

On Thu, 5 Dec 2013, Owen DeLong wrote:

> I generally get around 40-50 Mbps over LTE.
> Downloading 500Gig at that rate would be roughly 1/2 of the maximum possible throughput for the entire month.

Nope. 350 gigabyte in a month is an average of 1 megabit/s over the 
entire month.

> won’t reach parity, but, that the extent to which it has done so is 
> limited kind of makes my point in that regard.

How many 10 megabit/s (actual traffic) users can there be per cell at the 
same time? 5? 10? How many people in your area share the cell? This just 
won't work in the long run considering the cost of the base stations.

In order for this to scale, the bases much become much smaller and cheaper 
and serve fewer people, and then we're down to Wifi APs that we already 
have, but they still need fiber/CAT6 to them.

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