Rob Seastrom rs at
Tue Dec 3 11:39:04 UTC 2013

Cutler James R <james.cutler at> writes:

> Does this mean we can all get back to solving real IPv6 deployment and operations problems?

I sure hope so.  :)

> I certainly hope you all can finally see which is the better business choice between: 
>  1. Using up to around 10% of IPv6 space to make our network operations simpler for the next twenty years or more.

You're high by more than an order of magnitude.  Inasmuch as I don't
hail from Chicago, I'm not suggesting actually issuing addresses to
people who are dead (Eric's final datapoint).

>  2. Continuing to spend time and money on micromanagement of addressing rather than real customer needs.
> One who cannot properly understand the business decision here perhaps should not be debating network policies.
> "Strongly worded letter to follow."



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