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> DHCPv6-PD isn't a "restriction", it's simply what gets handed out today. A "simple" reconfiguration on the DHCP server and it's handing out /56's instead. (or *allowing* /56's if requested -- it's better to let the customer ask for what they need/want; assuming they just default to asking for the largest block they're allowed and using only 3 networks.)

I find it amusing that people want to argue both that:

- A /56 is horribly wrong and the world will end if we don't fix it NOW.

- Providers could give out more by simply changing a setting on the DHCP server.

I would love to know what number of home users need 256 subnets.  The good news is that folks doing DHCP-PD will be able to report on how many people request all 256 networks available, and are thus "out".  In fact they can make a histogram from 1 to 256 networks per household, and show us how many request each number of subnets.

I challenge Comcast, AT&T, and others to do just that, and publish it on a regular basis, if only to make people stop talking about this "issue".

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