Is there a method or tool(s) to prove network outages?

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On Dec 2, 2013, at 6:26 AM, Warren Bailey <wbailey at> wrote:

> I would hold off on considering Multipath as a problem until you see the RSL. 

Concur. It could also be related to precipitation or other adverse conditions.

Or, in fact, it could be related to the 'UTM' box and/or something else on the endpoint network.  It could be a periodic DDoS attack, or traffic causing an availability hit as an unintended consequence.

It's difficult to say without data.  Since the OP has the ability to gather IP-level data on his own network, he should utilize whatever instrumentation and telemetry he can set up in order to diagnose the issue as accurately as possible.

And the OP should dig out his SLA and see what it says about the obligations of his upstream.

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