Is there a method or tool(s) to prove network outages?

Sina Owolabi at
Sun Dec 1 18:57:24 UTC 2013

Thanks a lot, ill definitely consider it. 

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I'd recommend using Zenoss to monitor the remote end of the link at 
least with /Status/Ping.  You'll get alerts when Zenoss can't ping 
across the link, and may be able to set up SNMP traps on your router for 
the link itself going down.

DISCLOSURE: I work for Zenoss, however I used Zenoss core long before 
they decided to pay me money.

Good luck with dealing with your ISP, it's _ALWAYS_ a pain in situations 
like this.


On 12/1/2013 11:56 AM, Notify Me wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> Please I have a very problematic radio link which goes out and back on
> again every few hours.
> The only way I know this is happening is from my gateway device: a Sophos
> UTM that sends email anytime there's been an outage.
> The ISP refuses to accept this as outage/instability proof, and I'm
> wondering if there's something I can run behind the gateway UTM that can
> provide output information over time.
> They seem to be a primarily Windows+Cisco shop (as is common here in the
> 4th world). We are primarily Linux.
>   Is there some set of command incantations I can run who's output I can
> collect and send to them (besides some sort of sustained ping)?
> Thanks in advance!
> Sina

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