Europe-to-US congestion and packet loss on network, and their [email protected] won't even respond

Rob Seastrom rs at
Sun Dec 1 12:27:42 UTC 2013

Matthew Petach <mpetach at> writes:

> Using a 1/10th of a second interval is rather anti-social.
> I know we rate-limit ICMP traffic down, and such a
> short interval would be detected as attack traffic,
> and treated as such.

This should be obvious to everyone here but just in case, there's also
a huge difference between hammering the control plane of every router
along the path due to TTL expiration (mtr) and trying to smoke out
intermittent performance problems between end points with a few
hundred packets/second of various sizes of icmp or udp *between those
end points*.  Folks should expect the former to be rate limited - a
reasonable control plane policing policy is not optional these days.


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