10G Router

sten rulz stenrulz at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 11:44:57 UTC 2013


I am currently looking into a 10G router that will support the below
requirements and hopefully not be too costly.  Do you know of any models to
stay away due to issues or that you would recommend?
- 4x+ 10GBE ports
- BGPv4/v6
- Small number of RU preferred
- Support for 2-4 full routing tables
- 2 10GBE ports down to switches
- 2 10GBE for up-streams but would prefer more to support IXs.

I have been looking into a few options including; Brocade CER 2024C-4X,
Broacde MLXE-4 with 10Gx8-X, Juniper MX80, Cumulus Linux, etc.
Some quick notes:
- 4x 10GBE ports is a bit low for the Brocade CER
- Not sure how the CER will handle a few routing tables and 10G+ traffic
- The MLX and MX80 is very high costs from what I have seen
- The MX80 has 4x 10GBE ports but at less allows an extra 4 via MIC
- Decent number of real use case reviews for the MX80
- Possibly use cumulus networks if there are any systems that meet the


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