IP Fragmentation - Not reliable over the Internet?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sat Aug 31 11:09:18 UTC 2013

>>> i wonder if this is correlated with the high number of probes being
>>> behind nats.
> Maybe this provides a bit of insight:
> From a test last week from all RIPE Atlas probes to a single "known
> good" MTU 1500 host I compared probes where I had both a ping test with
> ipv4.len 1020 and ipv4.len 1502.
> behind NAT probes: 12%  1020 bytes ping worked while 1502 failed
> non-NATted probes:  6%    ""

this needs publication on your adventure game of a web site, please.  it
will seriously 'inform' some discussion going back and forth on ietf


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