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On 28/08/2013 04:10, Joly MacFie wrote:
>  From the NY tech meetup list. Any one here care to comment, off or on list?
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> From: Dean Collins
> Anyone know more about Barclay Wifi -
> http://www.fastcompany.com/3007452/innovation-agents/brooklyn-nets-barclays-center-slam-cam-puts-every-dunk-your-face
> ****
> ** **
> Can they really stream hidef video to 19,000 devices simultaneously in hd
> via wifi?
> Surely they are hitting some spatial limits…..?   (eg I know when my old
> company sold a DECT platform to the ASX we ran into bandwidth limits for
> the number of base stations in a single room)****

Also hinted at here 
  (and also at Arstechnica where I think the guy said he had a 
multi-million dollar budget to get it working )

Basically, looks like a lot of expensive kit from the green giant PLUS a 
great deal of attention during installation PLUS lots and lots of 
sysadmin time to make it work !

I also seem to recall some interesting eeewwToob demos from xirrus who 
also specialise in high density kit.

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