Evaluating Tier 1 Internet providers

Eric Louie elouie at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 21:50:50 UTC 2013

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> On Tue, 27 Aug 2013, Eric Louie wrote:
> I would also look at which providers are on-net in your location, or
> would be willing to build into your location for a reasonable cost.
> One thing you want to avoid is all of your providers using the same
> local loop provider to get into the building, or local dark fiber
> providers using the same right-of-way / conduit / manhole to get into
> your building.
> Many providers might subcontract the physical last-mile construction to
> a local dark fiber provider.  Entrance diversity and last-mile
> diversity is something you can probably have more influence over than
> how provider X gets between Chicago and New York.

The only thing I'm looking at are on-net solutions - luckily or unluckily we
are at data center locations (carrier neutral) so my choices are limited to
the on-nets that they already have (I'm not going through the pain of
bringing in a new one) and most of them are offering "free install"

> Many providers will build into your location if they're in your city if
> you either pay the build costs, or are purchasing enough service that
> the construction costs can amortized over the term of the contract.  If
> they amortize, make sure you keep that in mind when the contract is up
> for re-negotiation, so they're no longer trying to ding you for
> construction costs that you've already paid :)
> jms

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