CableWiFi SSID in Washington DC?

Chung, Chae Chae_Chung at
Mon Aug 26 13:46:16 UTC 2013


Optimum's Hotspot locator will show partner hotspots that they have access
through.  Check out their wifi locator page below to see you will have
wifi coverage.

They may also have an iPhone/Android app for locating optimum hotspots
similar to Comcast's appsŠ

Android version =
iPhone version =



On 8/25/13 6:18 PM, "Drew Linsalata" <drew.linsalata at> wrote:

>I know, completely non-operational and off topic, but have any of you
>in the DC area seen the CableWiFi SSID around town?  Traveling next week
>and I can't get confirmation nor denial that my Optimum Online account
>get me wifi access down there.

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