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Fri Aug 23 19:34:38 UTC 2013

Is Bill Sandiford a member of the board of both CIRA[1] and AlbertaIX[5]?
Since AlbertaIX has no peers [2,3] is CIRA now going to investigate options
to help fund YYCIX which does have peers[3,4]?


On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 11:30 AM, Jacques Latour <jacques.latour at>wrote:

> Bill, not true.
> Following on our vision for Canada to have an IXP in every major city,
> specifically for Calgary, CIRA worked with CYBERA to organize a town hall
> meeting in Calgary, on September 14, 2013.  At the meeting, we had
> interested members of the community (Content delivery, ISP, government,
> R&E, CIRA, others) together to start the development of a new IXP in
> Calgary.
> Cybera being local, they took the lead in working with the community
> members in setting up governance, technical architecture, location, etc...
>  CIRA actively participated in the various committees.
> CIRA is planning the deployment of equipment for the IXP, a .ca DNS
> Anycast stack, NTP servers and space for M-Lab nodes.  We also work with
> PCH to have a PCH anycast stack installed in Calgary.  We talked to Akamai
> and Google to be part of the Calgary IXP.  HE actually did build to Data
> Hive (Preferred data center in Calgary).  Doing our part in trying to get
> as much content, ISP, eyeballs, core internet services to be present at
> IXP.  The AlbertaIX is cash poor at that moment in time so CIRA was looking
> at options to fund equipment or provide start-up grants, nothing was done
> up to now with respect to providing equipment or funds.
> Note: CIRA's job is not to go in and put a switch and leave.  CIRA works
> with the community to get the IXP up and running.  We have criteria to
> participate,  the IXP must be a member based, vendor neutral non-profit
> organization with a viable trusted community to operate and sustain an IXP.
>  CIRA is acting as a catalyst, not a doer. The community is the doer.  Ask
> the people in Winnipeg and Montreal . We are planning
> the launch of mbix this September as well.  This is an example where the
> IXP build was successful.
> Back to Calgary, something special occurred, while we were all working on
> setting up AlbertaIX (we started fast but the pace slowed down
> significantly), a new IXP came to 'life' YYCIX in Data Hive,
>  Long story short, CIRA is waiting for things to settle before we continue
> providing more support and invest in deployment our .CA infrastructure.
>  When the "dust" settles, we will deploy our .ca infrastructure and be a
> member of the communities (peer).
> There's a chance we're going to have two IXPs in Calgary, hopefully they
> would be in the same data center to leverage our investment,  if we have
> two, then it's going to make it confusing for the new potential peers to
> pick the right one or both.
> All in all, CIRA's objective was to have 1 IXP in Calgary, we have one
> now, perhaps 2 in the future, so mission accomplished.  It's up to the
> community to get their act together (no pun intended), and if they need our
> help, then we're there to help with governance, funding, technical
> expertise, etc...
> Also, we're doing our best with our limited resources,
> Jack
> (NOTE: English not my first language, if you're not sure what I mean, ask
> me, don't assume)
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> > >> What CIRA is doing is providing support in the areas where previous
> > >> efforts have struggled, providing hardware, accounts payable, legal,
> > >> help with incorporation and forming sensible bylaws and stimulating
> > >> local discussion and interest. My perspective is that they have done
> > >> a great job in Calgary and Montréal. It sounds like the approach in
> > >> Vancouver (engage with existing efforts, see where CIRA can help) is
> > following the same path.
> > >>
> > >
> > > What has CIRA done in Calgary?
> > >
> > CIRA has done a great job in Winnipeg and Montreal. Nothing in Calgary.

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