10G standalone switch to access in data center, cheap

Amundson, Kristopher (Contractor) kristopher.amundson.contractor at usap.gov
Thu Aug 22 20:11:28 UTC 2013

On 2013-08-23 2:58 AM, Piotr wrote:
> Hello,
> I looking some 10G switches, 24-48 ports, it will be work in DC in access.
> Something cheaper ( for port) than extreme 670 ?

Take a look at this list.  These folks are putting a commodity Linux environment 
with binary drivers to merchant silicon switches.  Right now they support 
Accton, Agema, Penguin Computing and Quanta.

Arista without the price tag? :)


Even without the linux distro these switches are probably cheap and usable with 
their default OS.

Hey NANOG, it's good to be back and has been quite a while since I lurked on 
this list.  Greetings from the bottom of the Earth (-70F outside my building).

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