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Wed Aug 21 17:42:55 UTC 2013

I would hope that at least the 3 largest cities in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) should be able to sustain IXPs. 

Hopefully Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg too considering the size of their populations and their distance from the largest 3 cities. 

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> On Wed, 21 Aug 2013, bmanning at wrote:
>>> IIRC, Albuquerque has NMIX which I think was setup as for-profit.  (John
>>> Brown are you still here?)  Well over a decade ago now, my recollection is
>>> fuzzy.  I don't recall the reasoning in choosing for-profit over
>>> nont-for-profit.
>> [NMIX couldn't pay its bills so it lost a lot of support/clients]
> Ah thanks for that update.
> You've reminded me of another point:  While it is admirable that CIRA (and probably other similar counterparts are watching) looking to establish IXPs, my anxiety lies with the future:  Given everything that's already been written, are any of these IXPs capable of becoming self-sustaining in the future?  It's a rhetorical question applicable to any starting IXP and requires an understanding of the local environment.
> wfms

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