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Wed Aug 21 17:18:25 UTC 2013

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> From: "Bill Woodcock" <woody at>

> On Aug 21, 2013, at 6:56 AM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
> >> Correct. The ones in black are exchanges, the ones in gray are
> >> things
> >> that someone asserted to have been exchanges, or asserted will be
> >> exchanges.
> >
> > glad it's all so black and white, well grey. :)
> When different people are asserting different things (i.e. that
> something is, and is not, an IXP) the situation is, by definition,
> contentious. We move things into the "definitely an exchange" and show
> it in black text when we're able to observe a number of things:

Randy wasn't shooting at you about your definitions.

He was shooting at you for assuming people people were reading a technical 
mailing list in a non-text format.  It's all black to me, too.  :-)

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