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Jacques Latour jacques.latour at
Wed Aug 21 03:43:44 UTC 2013

The main reason we are collecting feedback for Vancouver is that both VANTX and PIX are not member based IXP organizations, VANTX is owned and operated by BCnet, a R&E organization, and PIX is owned and operated by Peer1.

We heard from a few people in Vancouver that they would like to have a true open, neutral and member based IXP, the idea for the town hall meeting is to build the community around a Vancouver IXP.  BCnet has a good story to tell about VANTX, community support and IXPs across the province.

If you care about Vancouver, then let us know.  I'll see what I can do about the poutine :-)

From: Bill Woodcock [woody at]
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On Aug 20, 2013, at 8:02 PM, Christopher Morrell <christopher.morrell.nanog at> wrote:
> In Winnipeg, isn't there also the WPGIX? Do you have two competing IXPs in Winnipeg?

There are nominally competing efforts in Winnipeg (MBIX and WPGIX), Calgary (YYCIX and AlbertaIX), Montreal (QIX and Peer1), Vancouver (BCIX and Peer1), and even Toronto (TorIX, Peer1, CANIX, and IIX).

I would not characterize more than one of those in each city as a going concern, however.


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