Google having issues?

Nathan Anderson nathana at
Fri Aug 16 23:42:47 UTC 2013

At about 5 minutes to 4:00p PDT, confirmed that "it's not just you!" for; in fact, it's still saying that, although I can reach Google services on our network now.

I could also ping Google, but I tried to open a connection to port 80 on via telnet around the time I started having problems, and I was just getting connection refused (immediate RST received upon transmission of SYN) across multiple Google IPs.  I then VPN'd over to an off-net DSL connection, and from there I had no trouble accessing Google, but OS X telnet (which apparently will automatically try multiple IPs if DNS resolution comes back with multiple A records) showed that it was still getting "connection refused" on a few IPs before it finally struck gold.

-- Nathan

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I was having a hard time getting to Google Maps from my Verizon FiOS
connection and also from my Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel. I was able
to ping them though. Didn't try any other google services.


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> Hey guys,
> I'm hearing reports of Google services (Search, Youtube, Mail, etc) going down all over the place, providing extremely spotty service. Works fine for me right now, but a lot of people seem to be having problems all over the world.
> Any ideas what's going on?
> Thanks!
> ~ Em

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