How big is the Internet?

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> > I have a feeling that does not come close to matching the mental
> > model most people have in their head of "Internet traffic". But
> > maybe I'm confused.
> It matches my mental model. Your network is connected to the Internet,
> that's traffic between two hosts, it's Internet traffic.
> Let's take the same two machines, but I own one and you own one, and
> let's put them on the same network behind a NAT just like your home,
> but at a coffee shop. Rather than backups we're both running bit
> torrent and our two machines exchange data.
> That's Internet traffic, isn't it? Two unrelated people talking over
> the network? They just happen to be on the same LAN.

"Internet traffic is traffic which leaves and/or arrives at your machine
in a session with some other machine which is on a network physically
or administratively disjoint from the one your network is on."

How's that?

I think it solves both your and Patrick's requirements.

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