How big is the Internet?

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> What Congress ? We have to be very careful with this the ITU may
> complain the we are taking a US centric approach to the subject and
> the EU will debate for months on the definition of "Library" then
> ICANN will initiate a PDP to figure how to associate Library with
> Congress after the SSAC says it is safe to do so, and after 10 years
> of public consultation and 50 conferences in exotic places we may find
> that the definition is outdated and the UN will call a panel of
> experts to devise why the Internet became several orders of magnitude
> bigger.
> At that time Vint will be sending 4D tweets via the galactic network
> from Pluto

C'mon guys; Whacky Weekend doesn't start til 3pm ET Fridays, except when
Friday is a US Federal holiday...

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