How big is the Internet?

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Thu Aug 15 04:19:22 UTC 2013

so true

On 8/14/2013 10:10 PM, Scott Howard wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 8:24 PM, Jay Ashworth <jra at> wrote:
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>>> From: "Patrick W. Gilmore" <patrick at>
>>> All that said: My back-of-the-envelope math says the Internet is order
>>> of 1 exabyte/day, as defined by my own rules on what counts as "the
>>> Internet"[*]. I could easily be wrong, but you asked.
>> Which means that you could get somewhere between 11 and 17 days (depending
>> on how far off my math was) worth of all of that onto LTO-5 carts and load
>> them on a 747F.  Where you'd fly them to, I'm not sure.
> Unless you add in de-dup, in which case it probably comes down to about 10
> carts per day.  After all, we all know that 90% of that 1 exabyte/day is
> just the same 3 cat videos on Youtube...
>    Scott

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