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On 8/6/2013 11:56 AM, Andy Ringsmuth wrote:
> Any chance someone on this list is affiliated with Comcast who could contact me off-list?  I have an employee in Virginia who works from home using, in part, a VOIP desk telephone tied into our office phone system back in Nebraska.  She's had nothing but problems maintaining a stable connection and I'm at my wit's end to diagnose and fix whatever is causing her problems.
> I've got this exact setup with several employees around the country, but this one person is the only one who, 1 - has problems and 2 - has Comcast.
> Much appreciated!
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I have found Comcast rate shapes or resets long running encrypted
sessions such as https.   At $DAYJOB I had to set our SSL VPN system to
re-key via new-tunnels every 5 minutes to keep it under their threshold
of what looks like seven minutes for a tcp session.   After that the
sessions appeared to rate shape down to 128kbps.  It may also only kick
in during local POP congestion.   I am assuming this is DPI trying to do
peer-2-peer mitigation.

James M Keller

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