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If you run something like a pingplotter or MTR from pbx side towards the Remote, 
and do similar from remote towards the pbx side...

Let it run for a bit, and compare / analyse the results.. you will spot your problem very quickly.

We find that the IP Transit is often overloaded between Comcast networks and certain IP Transit providers.
or Some common IP Transit provider have their routers overloaded thus having packet loss.

We have had to some route engineering to get around these issues. 
In our case we are fortunate to have multiple IP Transit Carriers, so that was possible.


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Any chance someone on this list is affiliated with Comcast who could contact me off-list?  I have an employee in Virginia who works from home using, in part, a VOIP desk telephone tied into our office phone system back in Nebraska.  She's had nothing but problems maintaining a stable connection and I'm at my wit's end to diagnose and fix whatever is causing her problems.

I've got this exact setup with several employees around the country, but this one person is the only one who, 1 - has problems and 2 - has Comcast.

Much appreciated!

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