IP allocations / bogon - verification

Frank Bulk (iname.com) frnkblk at iname.com
Sun Aug 4 03:14:37 UTC 2013

It's listed as being on a BOGON at HE, too:
Not sure who HE uses to make that designation.


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I apologize for a double post on this same topic tonight however I thought
that broadening my request may help our cause.  This month we had one of
our IP allocations revoked and just recently got everything squared away
with ARIN and things are "turned back" on so to speak.

However I still have some customers having issues hitting a number of
financial related websites ..etc and I assume its because of bogons ..etc

I saw some earlier posts on here where folks have posted their allocation
to ensure that others are routing it properly so I wanted to do the same.

My allocation which has recently been revived:

Test point traceroute .etc

We do seem to be having some issues with some level 3 routing our range to
some desitnations and can provide specifics off list.

Thanks all for  the help / verification.


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