Angled Polish Connectors and DWDM

ML ml at
Sun Sep 30 15:08:58 UTC 2012

On 9/30/2012 6:14 AM, Aaron Glenn wrote:
>   sent mostly towards the cladding and not the core and therefore.
> Indeed. I have always held the idea that APC connectors induced
> greater chromatic and/or polarization mode dispersion -- yet can't
> find any resources that claim so, nor does that fit in with my working
> mental model of how light propagates. Just something I picked up
> during the hellish days of trying to deploy 10GbE before it was cool;
> now I'd like to know if it is grounded in any science (-:
> Thanks
> aaron

Just tossing this in here.  I don't claim to know either way.

On the current project I'm working on all of the panels are LC-APC. This 
seems to have not been a problem for our DWDM vendor, who we have been 
working very closely with, and I assume know about our use of APC.
So far our PMD testing has come back clear.

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