guys != gender neutral

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Intention is everything, words are only part of it.  If you can't determine intention and you get upset then it is you that has the problem.  Ask or let it go and assume the best intentions.  The world be a lot better off if we all did this.

Lorell Hathcock <lorell at> wrote:

>We may not all be guys.  We may not all be gals.  But we are definitely
>CLOWNS.  This is a substitution that should be acceptable to all and it
>really works.
>Sales-clown.  Yep!
>Mail-clown.  Yep!
>Fire-clown. Yep!
>Police-clown.  Yep!
>Congress-clown.  Yep!  Yep!
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>> When did "people" stop being an acceptable gender-neutral substitute 
>> for {guys,gals}?
>> Owen
>Using the word 'people' is good but I like to say 'humans'.
>What's up humans?
>Can I get you humans to drink?
>This rarely offends anyone.
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