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Le 2012-09-28 12:15, Jay Ashworth a écrit :
>> The assumption of a 1-1 correspondence between gender and sex is old
>> fashioned nowadays.
> Mammals have sex.
> *Words* (and only words) have gender.

There's an RFC about that! RFC 6350, section 6.2.7, about the GENDER 
vCard property:

6.2.7.  GENDER

    Purpose:  To specify the components of the sex and gender identity of
       the object the vCard represents.

    Value type:  A single structured value with two components.  Each
       component has a single text value.

    Cardinality:  *1

    Special notes:  The components correspond, in sequence, to the sex
       (biological), and gender identity.  Each component is optional.

       Sex component:  A single letter.  M stands for "male", F stands
          for "female", O stands for "other", N stands for "none or not
          applicable", U stands for "unknown".

       Gender identity component:  Free-form text.


                    GENDER-param = "VALUE=text" / any-param
                    GENDER-value = sex [";" text]

                    sex = "" / "M" / "F" / "O" / "N" / "U"


      GENDER:;it's complicated

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