is CERNET part of the Internet?

ku po cciehelps at
Thu Sep 27 16:24:02 UTC 2012

Well the answer is Yes and No.

Content filter is not a reason you can call it non-internet.
If you think it is not internet because of content filtering, think again,
you have to exclude whole China from Internet.

The real problem CERNET is not completely part of Internet is following:

CERNET policy is FREE of charge for it's members, as long as the traffic is
in their 'FREE networks' eg most of IP Blocks in China and some
Universities in the world.
However, outbound traffic to Non-free networks eg most blocks outside China
will be charged.
If you download a webpage from a China University, they are actually going
to pay for it for your traffic.
So some members tend to choose to block their visibility to 'Non-Free
Of course major Universities won't do that but imagine a high school, they
may very possibly do that.

That is the main reason CERNET is not completely Internet.

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