really nasty attacks

Miguel Mata mmata at
Thu Sep 27 14:55:58 UTC 2012


on recent days I've seen an UDP attack a couple of times. The attack is fairly simple, a full 
load of UDP packets filled with "X". The attacks comes from various sites from the other side 
of the pond (46.165.197.xx, 213.152.180.yy).

Has anyone seen this kind of attack? Basically, the attack aims to fill your pipe (150Mbps 
over an STM1... guess what...) Then the question goes like this: besides asking your 
upstream provider to block, drop or whatever on the offending traffic, and Kontaktieren Sie 
den Administrator, what else can be done?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Please contact me off list. I'll post a recap on due time.

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