Announcing APNIC IP's in ARIN region

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The only problem I've ever run into is with IP geo-location providers using the country of origin of the original assignments to determine the locale of the IP.  Major CDN providers and content owners then use these geo-location providers to provide geography specific content or for content localization.

A problem we saw at GC when using our ARIN space in APAC (which I realize is the inverse of your situation) is that our enterprise customers often got redirected to a cloud server in the United States rather than in their originating country, and this was in spite of their block being SWIP'd out to them in that country.

It's conceivable that you could have some sort of similar problem depending on the nature of your project and how you are planning to use their IP's.


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I was wondering if there are any problems originating APNIC IP's in the ARIN region through transit providers? I have a Singapore-based prospect who would like to do business with us, but I'm not sure if I'll run into problems originating their IP's in the US - which were assigned to them from APNIC.

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