IPv6 Address allocation best practises for sites.

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Mon Sep 24 23:47:18 UTC 2012

>Does the best practise switch to now using one IPv6 per site, or still 
>the same one IPv6 for multi-sites?

As I've been migrating my sites to IPv6, each site gets its own IP.
Works great.  I did find that I needed to improve my tools so I could
track the individual IP addresses and assign the appropriate DNS names
to them, as I took several dozen (it's a small machine) sites and put
them on IPv6.

Other than not wanting to go to the effort to change all the config
files, it's hard to think of a reason to share IPv6 addresses for
anything.  Virtual hosts were specifically invented to conserve IPv4
addresses; they don't provide any added function.


PS: Well, there is my spider trap at http://web.sp.am which would be
hard to do without using a shared IP.  But that's perverse.

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