Throw me a IPv6 bone (sort of was IPv6 ignorance)

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Fri Sep 21 19:55:18 UTC 2012

Op 21-9-2012 21:42, Mark Radabaugh schreef:
> Running dual stack to residential consumers still has huge issues with 
> CPE.  It's not an environment where we have control over the router 
> the customer picks up at Walmart.   There is really very little point 
> in spending a lot of resources on something the consumer can't 
> currently use.  I don't think saying we missed the boat really applies 
> - and the consumer CPE ship is sinking at the dock.
Enable dual stack per default, the old routers ignore it anyhow. The new 
ones that do support it, and really,  Linksys and D-Link as well as 
Netgear do support it now will use it and should just work. I recommend 
DHCP-PD, it seems to work well with relatively low overhead. AVM seems 
to know just how to make these relatively cheap all-in-ones with a great 
feature set and reasonable quality.

There is a lot of room for improvement, there always have been. It's not 
like the original Linksys WRT54G was really _that_ good, was it?

The other good news is that there is a new Wifi standard! You'll see a 
new surge of people swapping out 30$ routers because they are convinced 
that the new 30$ router will be a lot better then the previous one. 
Maybe it is.

I know it's a chicken and egg problem, and shoving it out further means 
you just decided for the ISP that you need a far beefier CGN box in the 
future. I am not totally convinced that was your long term plan.

Most ISPs in asia that are now pouring significant monetary resources 
into a CGN box that might be almost pointless in 5 years is not the 
investment they were looking for.

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