Throw me a IPv6 bone (sort of was IPv6 ignorance)

Mark Radabaugh mark at
Fri Sep 21 13:31:25 UTC 2012

The part of IPv6 that I am unclear on and have not found much 
documentation on is how to run IPv6 only to end users.   Anyone care to 
point me in the right direction?

Can we assign IPv6 only to end users?  What software/equipment do we 
need in place as a ISP to ensure these customers can reach IPv4 only hosts?

The Interwebs are full of advice on setting up IPv6 tunnels for your 
house (nice but...).  There is lots of really old documentation out 
there for IPv6 mechanisms that are depreciated or didn't fly.

What is current best practice?

Mark Radabaugh

mark at  419.837.5015

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