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Fri Sep 21 00:44:47 UTC 2012

On Sep 20, 2012, at 8:39 PM, Cameron Byrne <cb.list6 at> wrote:

> On Sep 20, 2012 5:27 PM, "Seth Mattinen" <sethm at> wrote:
>> Does Verizon have IPv6 on their LTE network everywhere or is it limited
>> to specific regions? I ask because I have a Verizon LTE iPad just
>> upgraded to iOS6 (which supposedly added this capability), but it's not
>> getting an IPv6 address on the LTE interface. Or does Verizon now need
>> to authorize these newly capable devices as IPv6-able?
>> ~Seth
> Verizon has ipv6 everywhere they have LTE. Verizon also requires it on all
> their LTE devices that they sell.
> Your problem is likely with Apple, they have not yet supported ipv6 on the
> cellular interface afaik.

Looks to work. 

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