IPv6 Burgers (was: IPv6 Ignorance)

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illiam Herrin writes:
> Worse, that's if we were managing IPv6 delegations the way we manage
> IPv4 delegations. We're not. We're using sparse allocation. And 6RD.
> And default customer allocations of 65,000 LANs. And other interesting
> stuff that drastically increases the consumption characteristics.

6rd can be dense as native deployment.  In fact it is not hard to
do so and if you are using the shared /10 just allocated or RFC
1918 between you and your customers more than once simple map all
of IPv4 space does not work.

RFC 5969 does NOT say you must use 32 bits and actually lots of
examples where it isn't done.

> Nice burger. Om nom nom nom.
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