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> Verilan is the exclusive network services provider for NANOG, IEEE
> 802, IETF, ICANN, ZigBee Alliance, MAAWG, OIF, GENIVI, Tizen and many
> other technical organizations. We deploy large temporary networks to
> provide high density WI-Fi for meetings, events and conferences all
> over the world where Internet connectivity is mission critical to the
> success of the event.

I'm quite certain I have a good idea of the magnitude of what you'd charge
for professional services for such work, and I would expect it to be 2-3 
orders of magnitude larger than what a Worldcon Concom could afford to pay. :-)

I would also be very surprised -- having been on NANOG for over a decade now
and never having heard your name -- to find out that you were the Exclusive
Network Services Provider for NANOG...

And I expect they'd be surprised too.  Hey!  Let's ask them!  :-)

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