The Department of Work and Pensions, UK has an entire /8

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>>> So 6-8 years to try and rehabilitate 240/4 was not even enough to try?
>> 6 years of work
> What I said is that they knew they would have had at least 6 years or 
> _more_ to rehabilitate it, had they made a serious effort at the time.

Remind me, who is "they"?

I remember this:

and this:

There was even a dedicated mailing list. But the drafts never made it beyond drafts, which suggests there was not a consensus in favour of an extra 18 months of IPv4 space with dubious utility value because of issues with deploy-and-forget equipment out in the wild.

The consensus seems to have been in favour of skipping 240/4 and just getting on with deploying IPv6, which everyone would have to do anyway no matter what. Is that so terrible?


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