The Department of Work and Pensions, UK has an entire /8

Nick Hilliard nick at
Wed Sep 19 21:42:59 UTC 2012

On 19/09/2012 22:02, David Conrad wrote:
> Assuming for the sake of argument that the 51/8 is actually unused
> (which it apparently isn't), the UK gov't would be under no contractual
> obligation to return the address space to IANA (which is (arguably) the
> allocating registry, not RIPE) -- I believe that "class A" was allocated
> prior to the existence of the RIRs and registration service agreements.

the ripe ncc has short-circuited this particular argument by committing to
hand back to IANA any legacy address space which is handed back to it.
I.e. makes no difference - it ends up at IANA anyway.


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