Big Temporary Networks

TJ trejrco at
Wed Sep 19 13:49:51 UTC 2012


> The only thing operators have to know about IPv6 is that IPv6, as is
> currently specified, is not operational.

I think it is safe to say that this is provably false.
Are there opportunities for increased efficiency, perhaps ... however:

I get native IPv6 at home via my standard residential cable connection
using off the shelf CPE gear and standard OSes.
I get native IPv6 via my standard LTE devices, again - off the shelf - no
customization required.

*(Repeated emphasis on the use of standard, off the shelf components here
... no end-user hacking/tweaking, nor custom firmware loads, nor special
requests to the provider ... "it just works".)*
Both of these have been properly functioning since being lit up.  Clearly,
atleast the two *rather large* operators involved *(Comcast & Verizon
Wireless, if it matters) *have deployed IPv6 in an operational fashion.  I
bet Hurricane Electric would *strongly* disagree as well.

*... Not to mention the enterprise networks and hosting facilities that
have also implemented IPv6 rather successfully, all of which are relying on
some carrier(s) to provide them connectivity.*

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