The Department of Work and Pensions, UK has an entire /8

Elmar K. Bins elmi at
Wed Sep 19 07:37:07 UTC 2012 at (Mike Hale) wrote:

> You know what sucks worse than NAT?
> Memorizing an IPv6 address.   ;)

I agree. But we'll have to live with it until something better comes along.

> The assumption behind my original question is that the IP space simply
> isn't used anywhere near as efficiently as it could be.  While
> reclaiming even a fraction of those /8s won't put off the eventual
> depletion, it'll make it slightly more painless over the next year or
> two.

I don't see how this would help. We all - and the world - have known for
at least three years when the allocatable IPv4 pool would/will run out.
Have we done something (at large)? No. Instead, people are whimpering
about others having v4 addresses they are "obviously" not using and
couldn't we pull those and redistribute so everyone's happier.

Honestly - you'd only push the current situation two months back.

Now everybody start using v6 and quit whining.
(Or like Randy said - get back to pushing packets)


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