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Jo Rhett jrhett at
Tue Sep 18 23:54:51 UTC 2012

> There were enough fans among the 600,000 folks in the Baltimore area
> but not enough an hour away among the 5,600,000 in the National
> Capital Region to justify hosting a Worldcon a couple miles inside the
> Virginia border where no unions would get in your way? Really?

Having grown up and started my career in Virginia, and much of my family still lives there, I can assure that that there isn't a single facility in Virginia capable of hosting a Worldcon. I think DC has another common problem, where it's either not big enough, or too big for something with only 7k attendees.

AND, Virginia has the exact same problem with hotel contracts. I was part of the convention running teams there in the late 80s and early 90s too. Same problems, same discussions. Same negotiations.

At this point I think at this point your "right to work" wishful thinking has been thoroughly debunked by others. Let's drop this topic.

To bring it back on topic, even if we didn't have unions to deal with, there's no law that can force a hotel or convention center to provide access to the facilities necessary for providing wifi or LTE access to the guests. You can only do that when you have negotiating power, and then you get back to "there's usually only one possible choice and they know it"

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