IPv6 Ignorance

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 19:57:57 UTC 2012

On 9/16/12, John Mitchell <mitch at illuminati.org> wrote:
> If I am understanding this quote correctly the author is worried IPv6
> will run out of addresses so won't make the switch... Granted only 1/8th
> of the IPv6 space has been allocated for internet use but that number is
> still so mind-boggling _huge_..

I would suggest it's  irrational thinking resulting from negative
experience with IPv4.
The rate of IPv6 exhaustion depends on how the resource is managed,
and the method of resource management can change, if the rate of
consumption is higher than expected.

There is not a coherent credible mathematical argument for exhaustion
risk of IPv6 that has been made,  you would have to make assumptions
about what resource management policy  and demands will be now and in
the future,   and there are no published models of IPv6 consumption
i've seen.

Anyways, if it becomes a problem in the future, there would be plenty
of time to create a new protocol, or using an existing protocol  using
NSAP addresses.     Right now,  IPV6 is the coherent option we've got.

It's not reasonable to infer IPv6 suffers the same address shortage
problem within 100 years, until there is a coherent model.    We have
not even heard about 48-bit MAC addresses being on the verge of
exhaustion yet,  obviously because there is no apparent danger for the
forseeable future,  and  IPv6 has    64 bits available for network
identification  and  128 bits  available for host identification.....


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