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> > > I'd have expected someone to have QoS mentioned already, mainly to put
> > > FTP and P2P traffic on the least important queues and don't hog up the
> > > net.
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> > As long as there is no multicast entering the wlan this is best solved
> > by getting more bandwidth.
> Well, we'll be on the *sending* end of the Hugo's, but... ;-)
> It would still be nice to multicast them inside our network (and out to
> whomever wants to watch), but what the heck's the consumer-level client side
> of multicast video streaming look like these days?

IIRC a number of IETF meetings were badly maimed in the wireless
side until people remembered that the WLAN was no place for multicast
video. VLC does mcast really nice. We're testing it for replacing antenna
distribution systems and DVB-T receivers at work.

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