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> Once upon a time, Jay Ashworth <jra at> said:
> > Well, we'll be on the *sending* end of the Hugo's, but... ;-)
> You might want to talk to whoever did this year's WorldCon networking.
> I'm a Dragon*Con volunteer, and I know there was a some type of direct
> connection between Chicago (WorldCon) and Atlanta (Dragon*Con) so that
> we could show things like the Hugo ceremony (and I think we fed some
> video the other way as well, like the D*C Parade).

I know some of that went on, yes, and certainly if I'm more formally 
involved, I'll be querying the SMOFlist to see who ran things at the
last 5 or so.

My bet is that none of them *had* a formal CTO/Ops person full time.
(Though of course, now that I've said that, those people will pop up
here, saying "you talkin' to *me*??" :-)

> I don't know how they did the "regular" Internet stream (except that
> it went through Ustream, who shut down the Hugo feed because of a DMCA
> complaint).

My understanding was that Dragon *took its main feed* for the Hugos via
Ustream, and the entire room got left standing; no?

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