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On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 10:55 PM, Donald Eastlake <d3e3e3 at> wrote:
> The 2015 WorldCon site selection is contested. There is a group
> seeking selection for the Disney Coronado Spring Resort in Florida but
> also competing groups seeking Spokane, Washington, and Helsinki,
> Finland.

Finland..we have one (1/2 hobbyist) group here that does Big Event Networking:
NetCrew. They build the network needed for The Assembly series of
events every year.

Typical event spec:  1-2*10G uplink, appr. 3000 100-1000baseT connections, WLAN,
NOC with cool tracking tools to pinpoint a system behaving badly on a BIG switch
network, switch configuration bulders etc. They have most of the
distribution gear
on store and rent out equipment (especially switch gear) between events.

Surprise surprise, the core group of the team consists of networking veterans
with 10-15+ year experience on the field. Netcrew is a cool way of
being able to
build some funky designs and test stuff on a very hostile environment
compared to
their $dayjob.

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