anyone from spamhaus hanging around?

Christopher Singhaus csinghaus at
Fri Sep 14 01:38:00 UTC 2012


I in no way represent Spamhaus, but as someone who has had lots of
experience with them, I can assure you that you are not blackholed.

You resolved the complaint how? Did you respond to the SBL? Did you get
an auto-acknowledgement when you did respond to the SBL?

Post up your SBL links here. Let's see what they have to say in them.

You will have a hard time trying to connect with them in any other way
aside for responding via email to the complaint.

On 9/13/2012 5:40 PM, Brad Barnett wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 11:17:44 -0400
> Brad Barnett <brad at> wrote:
>> We've been running a clean operation for years, but recently, one of our
>> clients spammed then entire universe (using external mail servers, but
>> linking to some internal URLs).
>> We've since terminated them, and such things are against our terms of
>> use.  However, we seem to have massive issues getting any response from
>> Spamhaus.  We're worried that perhaps we're just blackholed, or someone
>> is on vacation, or something to that effect.
>> Right now, we're essentially crippled -- and at the same time, we
>> resolved the direct complaint a week ago.
>> Does anyone have any idea as to how to contact someone at Spamhaus via
>> IM, phone, etc?  IRC channel?
>> Church? ;)
>> NOTE: we're not perfect, but again -- we don't allow spamming.  We force
>> unsubscribe footers on all outgoing mail clients send, we don't allow
>> SPAM as per terms of use, and we insist that clients use a list of
>> known-contacts if they do mailings. 
>> EG: people they've have contact with in the past.

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