Big Temporary Networks

Lynda shrdlu at
Thu Sep 13 16:32:39 UTC 2012

On 9/13/2012 7:29 AM, Jay Ashworth wrote:

> I know without a doubt that this is a problem NANOG PCs deal with 3 times a
> year; is there any collected wisdom on the web already about how this has
> been dealt with, that I can pore over?  Pointers to good archive threads?

I'm surprised (well, perhaps I'm not) that no one's chimed in about the 
defcon network, and the effort they go to each year. Here's some basic 

Defcon is often described as the world's most hostile network, and it 
does have some interesting problems, including extra efforts to keep the 
wireless side up, and useful. Considering the foolishness that goes on 
in the background, it's very stable.

I do wish that they had more immediately useful information in that site 
up above, but it's still got some interesting data points.

You may want to read RFC 1796, and then retract what you said because it
sounds silly.
        Nick Hilliard

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