Big Temporary Networks

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> I know someone who did Interop's networking for a number of years and 
> does it for various non-Worldcon conventions. His short summary was to 
> stage and label and debug and test extensively beforehand, even if the 
> reassembly might introduce more bugs in the field.

Excellent advice.

But how do you load a wireless network and an uplink with 12-14k attachments for testing purposes?  I can see how to test the uplink, but testing the WLAN seems ... well, next to impossible, to me, which is why I'm querying the list.


-- jra

I'm not sure if this is obvious for this list or not, but with your WiFi nodes, a good practice for that kind of density is more nodes, lower power. Keep the client connection load per AP as low as possible to improve overall performance. Jacking up the power in a small area like that will just step on the adjacent APs and cause issues.


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